Profile: Meet our GIS Pro

Matt Stevenson, Core GISReaders, allow us to introduce you to Matt Stevenson, the resource chosen by the Mapping Historic Ballard project and Ballard Historical Society to collect and display information about the buildings the project will profile.

BHS is glad to be one of many non-profit organizations to benefit from Matt’s expertise. Matt’s company, Core GIS, specializes in cartography, spatial analysis, web mapping, and GIS project management. Matt has seventeen years of experience using geographic information systems, or GIS, to convey complex spatial information with striking cartography and eye-catching graphics. He works primarily with government agencies and non-profits focused on conservation, restoration, and urban and regional planning.  He holds a B.S. in Public Planning from Northern Arizona University and a Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Washington.

Our project needs trained volunteers to collect information about buildings within our survey radius. Consider attending one of two training dates: January 24 (1-4pm) and January 27 (6-9pm). See the post about Ballard Mapping Volunteer Training for more info on the volunteer training.

The CORE GIS Web site highlights Matt’s work and captivating graphics. Learn more about Matt and Core GIS.

About the Mapping Historic Ballard project: Ballard Historical Society won a Small and Simple grant from Seattle in fall of 2015, with the mission of creating an original Historic Resource Inventory and interactive map. We will conduct a contemporary survey, building on previous data to create an accessible, living map of our neighborhood’s past.

Connect with us on BHS Facebook page.

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