Project Background With a Small and Simple grant from Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods, the Ballard Historical Society and its 100 volunteers mapped the streets of Ballard in 2016 to document what is ‘still historic’ in its structures. They were looking for structures over 60 years-old with minimal changes or architectural integrity since their construction. The impetus for the project was to document Ballard’s architectural history amid the rapid and widespread changes to building stock now occurring through remodels and new development. Without this documentation, valuable history in the form of built structures is being lost as Ballard evolves in the 21st century. With the launch of this on-line site the Mapping Historic Ballard (MHB) project is now available in more forms than previously, and with more content being added regularly. The interactive maps have been loaded with specific “One Page Reports” on 160 of the structures. Creating the Survey The term “small & simple”...

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