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Meet Our Architectural History Expert

Readers, please meet Connie Walker Gray, Senior Architectural Historian at Confluence Environmental Company. Ballard Historical Society has retained Connie for an ambitious survey project, Mapping Historic Ballard. Connie is an experienced architectural historian who has conducted numerous resource surveys and inventories, and her skills will help the Mapping Historic Ballard project conduct its own neighborhood survey. Connie's role includes engaging with and training volunteers to gather building information and to enter data into smartphone apps during February 2016. The data will then populate layers maps for a visual look at property ages, character, and style. The project builds on surveys conducted previously in Ballard. Connie was the project lead in the survey and inventory of the 1500+ resource Montlake Historic District, part of Washington State Department of Transportation’s SR 520 program mitigation. She has a master's degree in Urban Planning from University of Washington. Read more about Connie Walker Gray at Read...

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