Volunteers Continue to Put Ballard on the Map

A wealth of volunteer effort has been applied to the continued work of mapping historic Ballard. See the maps. In this post, we honor just one of these volunteers, Claudia Kiyama. Her work has been to focus in more detail on about 150 Ballard buildings. We took the opportunity to ask Claudia some questions about her involvement in this project. Tell us a bit about you.  I am an Architect specialized in Historic monuments and sites. Before moving to Seattle I held a full-time teaching position in the Architecture Department of a local University. One of the subjects I taught was History of Architecture. Since moving to Seattle I have been fortunate to participate with various preservation institutions that guard and protect local landmarks. When I learned about the Mapping Historic Ballard project, I jumped right in at the opportunity of learning more about my neighborhood and helping out with my expertise. What data or documents are you using to focus these 150 +...

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