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Welcome to the Ballard Historical Photo Archives! We have over 1000 images in our collection, most of which can be viewed on this site.

We encourage you to browse our collection. Directions on how to use the archive and how to order reproductions can be found below.

If you have questions about an image or can tell us more about it, please feel free to contact our Archives Committee at (206) 781-0336 or archives@ballardhistory.org.


How to Order

How to order a reproduction of an image

  1. We offer a variety of image formats for purchase by individuals, corporations and non-profits. If you are interested in ordering a reproduction of an image, please download and print the following forms: Photo Order Form, Application for Permission and Schedule of Fees.  These forms detail our reproduction policies and costs as well as our shipping costs and use fees.

  2. The Photo Order Form and Application for Permission must be filled out and signed before we can complete any order. All costs and fees must be paid in full prior before we can complete any order.

  3.  If you don’t have a printer, please contact us at 781-0336 or  archives@ballardhistory.org to receive a copy of the forms in the mail.

  4.  Please be sure to include the Image Number in all correspondence.


Links to Other Archive Resources

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our archives, you may want to try any of the following organizations:

Museum of History and Industry (Seattle)          

Washington State Regional Archives                 

Washington State Historical Society                    

Nordic Heritage Museum (Seattle)                    

University of Washington Special Collections     

Crown Hill Neighborhood Association     

Seattle Public Library 

City of Seattle Archives



How to Donate Your Historic Photos

The Ballard Historical Society gladly accepts donations of photographs and other memorabilia related to Ballard. Please contact us at 781-0336 or  archives@ballardhistory.org to arrange a donation.“


How to Use

  1. If you need help searching our archives, please read the following:

  2. Type in a search term in the box at the upper right. Keep your search terms brief.

  3. A screen will be displayed with abbreviated captions of all matches to the search term.

  4. Select a match.

  5. A screen will appear with information about the match selected. Most matches will have a thumbnail image associated with them. Those that don’t are most likely negatives, or do not have a photo available.

  6. Use the back key on your browser to return to the list of matches. Or, follow the instructions above to order a copy of the photo.

  7. Please note that a few of the images shown are not part of the Ballard Historical Society’s collection, they were loaned to us by individuals or other organizations. They will be noted as such in the text below the image. If this is the case, we cannot offer reproductions of the image. However, we will be happy to direct you to the organization that does own them, and you may order reproductions from them.













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